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At Plan Assist, we help businesses realise the full potential of their planning platform. We support from vendor selection, to implementation and strategic roadmap creation. 

Our experienced team specialise in providing robust, business-value driven solutions using two products; Pigment Planning® and Workday® Adaptive Planning.

The solutions we create with our clients, offer them a distinct edge in a competitive world. We help to turn uncertainty into strategy, challenges into opportunities, and vision into reality. 


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Future-Proof Solutions

We collaborate with you to create adaptable, forward-looking strategies. Our combined insights lead to solutions that are not just effective today but ready for the needs of tomorrow. Partner with us for a resilient and future-proof plan.


Proven Success Record

The extensive portfolio of our team is a testament to our success. With a history of satisfied clients and successful projects, Plan Assist stands as a reliable partner for your business planning needs. Join our community of success stories.


Commitment to Excellence

Excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s a commitment. Our relentless pursuit of quality ensures that you receive services that are second to none. Embrace excellence with Plan Assist.

Our experienced

Leadership Team

Group CEO

Christopher Healey

Co-Founder – Executive Director

Christopher Healey, the CEO of Cloud Assist Group, boasts a robust academic background in Computer Science from Harvard and a distinguished career marked by roles such as a Director in Big 4 consulting firms and CTO for Global HR, Finance & IT transformation projects.

With a track record of supporting 60+ ERP Customers across a diverse range of industries and holding strategic positions on boards of startups in SaaS and recruitment, Christopher not only ensures the highest levels of client satisfaction but also consistently surpasses client expectations.

His unmatched attention to detail empowers him to oversee intricate projects from inception to completion. As a leader in business transformation strategies, Christopher excels in maximising user adoption success and bringing customers visions to life. 

Managing Director

Guy Maizels

Co-Founder – Managing Director


A Chartered Accountant and subject matter expert in both Pigment® Planning and Workday® Adaptive Planning. 

Over a number of years working for large scale EPM implementation partners, Guy has helped over 40 clients to go live with a new EPM platform.

His sector experience has been wide ranging, and he is able to draw upon the “best of each”, and apply that knowledge to the benefit of Plan Assist’s clients. 

Guy has a track-record of relentless, proactive innovation and excellent results for his clients. A passion for problem solving, improvement and quality. 

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Matthew Graham

Senior Planning Specialist

Matthew Graham is a distinguished figure in the consulting domain, boasting a rich tapestry of experience that spans across prestigious roles, including his tenure at a Big Four firm, where he honed his expertise in FP&A and operational efficiencies. Matthew has experience implementing EPM’s solutions from both the customer and implementer side.

His demonstrated unparalleled skill in leveraging technology to streamline business processes, earning him a reputation for transformative solutions.

A certified CIMA accountant, his profound understanding of financial frameworks and analytics has been instrumental in his role as the Senior Planning Specialist at Plan Assist. Here, Matthew continues to set benchmarks in Strategic & Workforce Planning, helping organisations navigate complex challenges with precision and foresight. His unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic acumen makes him a pivotal asset to our team, driving projects to success.

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Lukasz Kugla

Senior Integration Consultant


Lukasz Kugla is a seasoned Integrations consultant with a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade. His expertise extends to the realm of ERP & EPM, where he has excelled in solving complex integration challenges.

Lukasz embarked on his career journey in 2013 as a Workday Integrations Consultant, where he honed his problem-solving skills while specializing in Payroll Interface and HCM integrations. Over the years, he has contributed to numerous projects, working diligently to provide innovative technology solutions.

His well-rounded skill set encompasses various facets of Workday workstreams, including Finance, Integrations, Cloud Extend, Reporting, HCM, and BIRT. This combination of expertise makes Lukasz an invaluable asset for businesses, especially those with large workforces where interface performance and innovative technology solutions are vital.